Who We Are

We have seen businesses succeed and we have seen them fail, so we bring those lessons to every project. We share that experience with our clients and use it to avoid the missteps others have taken. Sometimes that means we have to push back, especially when our experience has shown us the counter intuitive approach is the correct one. We will tell you what we see, giving you the extra set of eyes and perspective we bring to the table



We are humble

We never doubt your expertise in your sphere, just as we believe in our expertise in our own. The same way we want you to ask us lots of questions, we will honestly defer to you when we come across topics we do not understand. After all, we need each other to reach the best solution.


Post production

Ultimately, the best products are the ones that succeed in the long run. However wonderful a product might be, if no one uses it within the company or it remains unknown to potential clients, it’s nothing more than a waste of time, energy and resources. We place particular attention on marketing, promotion and user acquisitions from the very start of every project, ensuring that long-term success


We ask a lot of questions

We only see ourselves as successful once you see yourselves that way. It’s why we ask so many questions and why we try to understand each nuance and intricacy of your ideas and the problems you face. We especially ask, “Why?” We don’t only want to know what we have to do. We want to know how each feature creates value for you and impacts your sales / internal processes / ROI. It’s not that we’re driven by a natural curiosity (though we have it), but our experience has taught us that this approach leads to the success that brings happy customers, referrals, new sales and growth to your business and ours.